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Awarded as TOP B2B Idea – IDEAS RULEZZ 2016

Awarded as TOP B2B Idea – IDEAS RULEZZ 2016

Awarded as TOP B2B Idea – IDEAS RULEZZ 2016

This month we had the honor of being named TOP B2B idea 2016 in the competition B2B TOP IDEAS – IDEAS RULEZZ 2016.

The competition was held on May 5th 2016, and consisted of 5 minut pitch speaches by 9 nominated finalists. Various companies presented their interesting ideas such as:

  • “Green Post” | Post office 2.0 for companies: online submission of mail, automated printing & deliver with advanced reporting.
  • “Power Food” | specialized food offering for the workplace, maximizing the productivity and happiness of empoyees – without preservatives, atrificial flavors or colors, gluten free, lactose-free and without prossesed sugar.
  • “Techno” | office furniture for the open plan office of the future using next generation acoustic materials, creating high tech phone booths, meeting spaces with integrated data sharing capabilities and much more that convert a open plan office into a productive and intimate working environment.
  • “Payless” | automatic & effective telco service management for the connected businesses of the future. A company with strong social corporate responsibility.

Among these ideas we pitched the power & bright future of our Market Locator platform for targeted marketing and population analytics based on telco industry big data. If your Slovak is good enough 😉 feel free to watch our pitch on our Facebook page or bellow:


The result? Market Locator as a TOP B2B IDEA 2016! Thank you 🙂

Blog_B2B_image 13177178_1170811646282650_2540955205346378763_n
Market Locator

Market Locator is a targeted marketing and population analytics service built around anonymized and agregated telco data. Focused on delivering relevant content to the interested user. Get in touch to find out how we can assist your business.

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