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Enjoy the summer events with MARKET LOCATOR

Enjoy the summer events with MARKET LOCATOR

Enjoy the summer events with MARKET LOCATOR

Finally the long-awaited summer has come and with it the great events, sporting activities and festivals that we enjoy throughout the year. Invite with Market Locator to its events the very people for whom you do it. Take the opportunity to invite people from more than 1.7 million large database through targeted SMS.

It’s never been easier

Just a few steps and your campaign is ready.
Choose a location by mapping analysis and analysts on a map where your event will take place.
Besides the selection of maps are available for filtering criteria by which you know exactly filter out the target group based on age, gender, travel habits, use of technology, credibility, use of mobile data, and so on.

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Nice Surprise them right at the entrance on the event, send them a welcome SMS with the information that will be appreciated.
To inform only selected guests with a different message, for example VIP guests have something special, you know to do so through their own lists of numbers. With Market Locator you can your guests acquaint with important information, send them instructions, navigation, and more. In the SMS text do you know upload your line using our URL shortener and thanks to this you will see Clickrate in campaign reports.

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The previous season it proofed method satisfaction survey on summer festivals. Directly during the festival we have an incredible 35% (over one third) participants completed a questionnaire containing small mobile questionnaire with a few questions. Market Locator it’s versatility is so adaptable that you know to create a truly every campaign, whether informing people that some action will take place or during the event to guide possibly some activities such as raffle, winning the competition to follow up and gaining feedback ties.

Few inspiration

  • Xy civic association invites all children on the event Children’s Holiday in urban garden XY, which will take place … We are looking for you.
  • Were you at the weekend at the summer festival? Fill out the questionnaire and compete for tickets to next year, here: www.lock.sk/xxx
  • Were you at the weekend at the summer festival? Take part in the survey about the festival and marks Click on the following link: www.lock.sk/xxx
  • Xy Hotel invites you to an event where you will be accompanied by live music, in which you’ll enjoy goose specialty, dining experience. Starts today afternoon. We are looking forward to you.
  • How to live healthily and have fun? Visit today health festival in Trnava, Trinity Square, free entry. More info here: www.lock.sk/xxx
  • Come, have fun and win! VIP party! Central Pub pub, entertainment center in Sečovce. Entertainment and free! This Saturday ud 19tej. We are looking forward to you.
  • Were you at the Festival? Fill out the questionnaire and compete for tickets to next year www.lock.sk/xxx
  • Also, you were at the Festival? It shall also be involved in the survey about the festival and participating brands on it. Click on the link and fill out the following questionnaire: www.lock.sk/xxx
  • Invitation to summer days seller prestigious brands of cars. Right now on our event car for a great price. We come look forward to serving you.
  • Today begins at the airport in Partizánskom two-day multi-genre festival, where he performed more than 50 DJs and groups, d & b, hip hop, house * www.lock.sk/xxx
  • Our company invites you to sports and cultural event of the year, cycling race around Malohontu. Come and win a professional bike! 9:30 this Sunday.
  • Come on, go help! Dear runners this Saturday will take place at Strbske Pleso second year of a charitable run. You can register in the category of Men / Women can here: www.lock.sk/xxx and Kids run here: www.lock.sk/xxx
  • Running for a good cause starts this Saturday in the Tatras. Come and support the revitalization of the Tatras during deceleration and get a medal. Here registration: www.lock.sk/xxx
  • Running for a good cause starts tomorrow in the Tatras! Registration started from 11:00. Come, go help! Support planting new trees.
Market Locator

Market Locator is a targeted marketing and population analytics service built around anonymized and agregated telco data. Focused on delivering relevant content to the interested user. Get in touch to find out how we can assist your business.

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