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Get Inspired, how to fight with empty venue during the summer

Get Inspired, how to fight with empty venue during the summer

Get Inspired, how to fight with empty venue during the summer

Let’s see how others companies are fighting with off peak season and be inspired, so you may have already today fuller operation.

Travel agencies

they attacking their great deals like all inclusive, last minute, offers to its not yet booked place in various destinations. Inventing various competitions and winning coupons, vouchers for holidays. Or a completely different way to give awareness to the new branch.

Blog_junAkcia_travelVrstvaWin a free holiday whit XXX Travel for 2p with all inclusive in our big Summer competition www.xxx.com

You just earned FREE 3 vouchers for holidays for 33, 44 and 55 EUR. Come along voucher 6th July to the travel agency XX at the store. More info www.loc.sk/xx

We are closer to you, new great office, a new kiosk at a shopping center! Summer, holidays, last minute discounts of up to 60% with www.xxx.sk. Canary Islands for 9 days since 299 EUR 

Summer fesivals

Like every year, they always during the festival to send SMS messages with advertising, navigational or informational purposes. However, what we proved is getting feedback. This is very important and helpful for the organizers. At the same time very difficult to obtain with what the participants were satisfied or, on the contrary, what would have changed what they did not like what they were not happy with. Blog -people-multitude-in-a-summer-festival-outline_1048-366

Were you on the weekend at the festival? When you fill Survey, you can compete for tickets to the next year are: www.loc.sk/xxx

We invite you on a weekend barbecue specialties with a glass dewy. There are 5 types of beer, pizza and dishes xx PUB just for us. 0948000000

Sport events

You also have the operation sporting goods? Take advantage of it and send SMS to all the action is just to attend a sporting event, the biggest prerequisite to hit right target group, which is precisely because of sports exists just in one place in the moment. Or do you organize a sporting event? you can send SMS also on your own list / list of numbers or excluded from the campaign.

Blog_bezecke podujatieCome and play newly opened XXX golf. Have fun with your family and his friends now at a special price of € 3.90 per person. Children under 5 are free. At the reception, demonstrate that is this SMS. We are looking forward to you. XXX GOLF

Celebrate International Day of Yoga exercises on the field school xx in on Saturday at 15:00 or 17:00 pm, all free admission (mattress is helpful) You are welcome.

Family afternoon full of fun, games and good humor in our city, this Sunday from 14:00 h. FREE ENTRANCE! www.hotelxxx.sk

Watter worlds, spa, wellness

The best moment when you can put out the trump card in the sleeve, great refreshing in swimming pools, water parks, lakes and water tanks or put into raising its beautiful wellness relaxation and leisure centers, there is nothing better than after a sports event / activity to go for a relaxing massage. Get in touch with a marathon, runners who will appreciate it, especially now that the running season.

Blog_termalne kupaliskaCome the weekend to cool off in the swimming pool at the manor-house XX. The water has a pleasant 28 degrees. There will be a bar, grill and maser. www.loc.sk/xxx

Summer is in full swing, Come and cool off in the thermal swimming pool xxx for a discount demonstrate this unique SMS. Fun guaranteed! www.loc.sk/xxx

Hotels and summer events

Hotels now use the holiday period and invent events, actions which would be able to use all its possibilities like with accommodation, restaurants, cafes, spa, swimming pools, sports zone.

You do not know where the weekend? Come to us xxx *** Hotel in Central Slovakia and enjoy a unique day as in the Middle Ages awaits the fakir, fencing show and more www.loc.sk/xxx

Coffess and patisseries

A taste for coffee and to her delicious dessert or seasonal refreshing ice cream is always time. Let the world know, people will delight new nice and pleasant place, where you can take a moment to relax during the day or arrange what they need.Blog_kaviarne

Come to delicious coffe for a great price and experience place CAFFE xxx, all close to you on the street XX in the East. www.loc.sk/xxx 

Home, traditional pastry goods? For us, no problem! Pridi today to our taste Patisseries xxx xx street.

Promotion in food shops

Market Locator is so versatile that it is already normal action in ordinary food shops may be attractive for the customer and really appealing. Creativity has no limits.

Are you hungry? For free, you can taste really good soup. Come right now in food distribution on the street. We are looking forward to you! Tim instant soups.


Also now Pharmacies, they know how to deal with SMS advertising.

Lyme, CRP, Helicobacter or other? A large menu of diagnostic tests, recoverable at home can be found in pharmacies XY.
Blood sugar and cholesterol will measure for free in the XY pharmacy in the street xxx. Visit us MON-FRI 7 to 16tej or subscribe to 0900000000th

Banks and they summer products

There not always going to be just about credit products, you can show them that you can make different an offer more interesting for yours customers.

Insure your trip abroad quickly and easily. Www.xxx.sk/online have set up for travel insurance has been true three hours after the conclusion. Your bank. For you personally.
Bicycle is varie the bank and has a perfect offer for you! Credits only loans with 6.9% a year for everyone. Call 0850000000 and enter the password BANK. Only 1 July

Car dealers, car repair

Car sales they can also fight off peak season with the action linked to the possibility of test driving, or rent a seasonal sensation stylish convertibles or practical scooter.

Come with family entertainment at events XXX Road, test your distribution models and win great prizes! See you already 18.6 in the shopping center.

You can’t resist retro-scooter and zalubte to your new scooter for little money! This is your chance to borrow in style scooter on page www.loc.sk/xxx

Allow to measure the geometry of the euro only for the most advanced 3D geometry of an auto mechanic in the street xxx xx. More info on www.loc.sk/xxx. We are looking forward to you!

Prepare air conditioning in your car for the summer season. Clean and working air-conditioning since 25EUR. The service station xxx, xx street, 0900000000 www.xx.sk

Gas stations

Even gas stations they know use SMS marketing.

GREAT handing out rewards! Tank and Choose your girt here 8/7/2016 7:00 to 19:00 on renewed Petrol stations Street xx. More: www.loc.sk/xxx

Market Locator

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