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Key benefits Telekom 4U

Telekom 4U is identified sender “Telekom 4U”. Text SMS advertising must comply with the criteria advertising laws and the terms must be clear advertiser. The sending of SMS advertising is from 8.00 to 17.00. during working days. Entering campaign is self-service and feasible in a few minutes.

  • Extensive database: currently available database that includes more than 700,000 users of mobile numbers in the Telekom network. It has consented to the reception of advertising messages.
  • Compliance with the law: In view of the fact that they are registered in the database, only those mobile phone users who have agreed to receive advertising SMS. The solution is fully in line with the applicable legislation.
  • Targeting: the advertising lead to the target group chosen directly by the client. To precisely target specific advertising message and specific target groups are available to a number of basic criteria and filters (e.g. gender, age) and extended criteria and filters (e.g. location, use of the Internet in mobile). The possibility of defining and subsequently be selected by the optimum target group is the combination of such criteria and their visualization on the map.
  • Higher response: Based on our results we can conclude that advertising through mobile marketing has high visibility and response and thanks to the higher efficiency than other forms of communication.
  • The precise timing and flexibility: The technology allows the timing of a particular campaign, accurate to the day and hour and sending out messages it within a few minutes. Expectation of recipients: this channel to reach people who have the prior consent of advertising interest, respectively. her they requested.
  • Accurate and fast measurability: Such advertising is a form of interactive communication. And by their nature and the technology used is directly and measurability of its quick response and possible corrections.
  • Simple execution: Minimum cost for a creative solution, easy integration into marketing communications and a wide range of content: gifts, bonuses, invitations to events, etc..

Exclusive sales channel advertising info-channel Market Locator

Through Market Locator get:

  • Available online self-service for www.marketlocator.sk
  • Access to extensive detailed material for optimal campaign creation and consultation with partners in planning campaigns.
  • Automatically send campaigns prepared without lengthy manual tasks and consultations.
  • Detailed reporting campaign with the possibility create of detailed measuring campaigns Click on the embedded URL links or deposit and verify the unique codes in SMS campaigns.
  • Direct Payment by credit card or transfer the possibility to download the invoice directly on the Market Locator.
Market Locator

Market Locator is a targeted marketing and population analytics service built around anonymized and agregated telco data. Focused on delivering relevant content to the interested user. Get in touch to find out how we can assist your business.

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