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Success of 2016 in numbers [TC]

Success of 2016 in numbers [TC]

Success of 2016 in numbers [TC]

Last year was really successful for us, mainly thanks to you. Now, you can see success of 2016 in numbers.

Last year we managed:

  • cooperate with top 3 biggest mobile operator partners in Slovakia
  • open new marketing channels, now you can reach your customers in 5 ways
  • 6 ways to visualize your data
  • 925 hours of support services
  • drink more than 1 900 cups of coffee 🙂
  • more than 1 500 customers
  • our clients created more than 3 000 campaigns
  • 2 763 760 people received SMS thru Market Locator
  • we sent 7 659 047 SMS messages

Now, we are 3 times bigger! Stay tuned, we have news features for you!

Market Locator

Market Locator is a targeted marketing and population analytics service built around anonymized and agregated telco data. Focused on delivering relevant content to the interested user. Get in touch to find out how we can assist your business.

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