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Thanks Market Locator you didn´t forget Valentine’s Day

Thanks Market Locator you didn´t forget Valentine’s Day

Thanks Market Locator you didn´t forget Valentine’s Day

Since we live in fast times and it’s too hectic to think completely about everything. There is nothing worse than forgeting those we love on a day they expect it the most.

Valentine’s Day is coming. Tell all of your potential customers easily through Market Locator that they can rely on you. Remind them with this exciting news that they should delight their loved ones. Market Locator is able to promote your Valentine’s Day promos to more than one and a half million potential customers. They can be addressed & receive your advertising messages in the form of a SMS message to your chosen target audience. The advantage is that you can customize & target it completely to your liking.

For example:

  • People of working age from 18 to 60 years,
  • Gender (male / female or even both)
  • Regular weekend visitors in Bratisalva based on the position of their own mobile phone
  • With middle and higher credit rating

and among these immediately available future customers:

  • 22,000 people, including a lower segment, or
  • 9,400 people in middle and upper income areas

and only at 10 cents per one SMS, with two waves (including reminder SMS) cost you just 1880EUR. One of the other advantages is that you can send a campaign at any time you choose and even repeatedly in several waves, or when the customer is right near your store. Sign up here and simply prepare your Valentine’s day campaign on your own terms.

Market Locator

Market Locator is a targeted marketing and population analytics service built around anonymized and agregated telco data. Focused on delivering relevant content to the interested user. Get in touch to find out how we can assist your business.

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